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(Pictured from left to right; Master Sgt. Caroline Sussman, Reginald Perry and Bob Borek)

Reggie Perry, owner and manager of Barber’s Point Aviation Services, was presented with a third Patriot Award March 1 by Chair Emeritus Bob Borek, in recognition of his continued support provided to a United States Air Force Reserve Airman.

Perry was nominated for being highly supportive of his employee Master Sgt. Caroline H. Sussman, U.S. Air Force Reserve.

“Supportive employers like Perry are vital to the success of our mission and the defense of this nation,” said Borek. Our Guard and Reserve members could not perform their military duty without knowing that the employers support them 100 percent.” “To be able to stand here and present a third Patriot Award to Reggie Perry lends credence to the wonderful support he provides to our Guardsmen and Reservists”.

“Reggie Perry is a true American troop supporter. He has dedicated his time and finances to see that aircrew members and traveling military are taken care of to the highest level possible,” said Sussman. “As a C-17 USAR Reserve crew member myself, the quality of service, enthusiasm and feeling of, “Aloha”, is felt by each crew member that passes through. His company’s service by far exceeds the expectations of any service member or client that flies through our airfield. All aircraft, C-5, C-17, C-130, KC-135, C-40, helicopters and civilian jets alike, receive a type of personal treatment and attention that is inviting and welcoming. After long flight hours to Hawaii, it is greatly appreciated by the crew. From assisting with flight plan assistance, aircraft maintenance issues, servicing, rental car or transportation, advice about the island and local area, and providing comfort supplies to each crew member for the next leg of their journey, Barber’s Point Aviation Services provides crews the opportunity to focus on the goal/outcome of the mission, while we take care of the crew member.”

Sussman went on to say, “As an employee of Mr. Perry, it is an honor to work here and contribute to the extraordinary efforts and service we give to our service men and women, as well as the civilian flight crews that fly through. As a USAF Reservist that flies, I often have abnormal work hours or must leave for a Reserve mission. The company honors my USAFR commitment and supports me (as well) with passion and devotion. In addition I am not the only Reservist/Guardsman at this company. We also have the Army and Marines, each treated and honored with respect towards their service and career goals. This company is truly an extension of my military family.”

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