Meet our flight instructors.


Micah Sanchez, Chief Flight Instructor

Age: 24

Where I’m from: Born in Honolulu, HI and raised in San Francisco, CA

Why I got into Aviation: Since I was a toddler, my parents told me I was always that little kid pointing up at the sky trying to figure out what in the world were those big metal things flying overhead. Microsoft Flight Simulator further cemented that fascination, my first one being Microsoft Flight Simulator 1998 (when it was just colorful squares). In grade school that fascination turned into questions, such as: how in the world does all that heavy metal stay up in the sky? Aircraft will forever remain mankind’s greatest achievement, and I am blessed to be able to train aspiring pilots to be exposed to the same passion and excitement that the little toddler in me still holds on to. Come fly with me and let’s go have some fun while building the ever elusive flight time and working towards your pilot’s licenses! 


Trevor Terrell, CFI

Age: 32 

Where I’m from: Gleason, Tennessee

Why I got into Aviation: My first experience flying was with my uncle when I was around the age of 10 years old. He is a pilot and while he was working on his advanced ratings, he would take my cousin and me along for fun. From the very first flight I experienced; I was hooked. I saw flying as being able to provide my own personal roller coaster experience tailored to whatever I wanted. 


Amy Raymond, CFI

Age: 38

Where I’m from: Sartell, Minnesota

Why I got into Aviation: I have always dreamed of flying, but it wasn’t until after serving in the Air Force and having a family that I made flying a reality. Now, I love helping others achieve their dream of flying.