Every aspiring pilot must take Practical Exams for each certification, and we are Oahu’s CATS Test Center (844-704-1487).

We are Hawaii’s best Flight School.

Fixed-Wing Pilot Training

BPFS is positioned to take its flight training courses into the future with modern and sophisticated online training methods and state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Cessna 310R - $460/hr (wet rate)

  • Cessna 172S JT-A (NEXGEN G1000) - $177/hr (wet rate)

  • Cessna 172R - $157/hr (wet rate)

  • Cessna 150- $125/hr (wet rate)

  • Instructor - $50/hr (wet rate)

  • Ground - $30/hr

  • Simulator (Glass or Raw Data) - $85/hr

Discounts offered for block time purchases and military personnel.

Available FAA Ratings

1. Private Pilot

2. Instrument Rating

3. Multi-Engine Rating

4. Commercial Pilot

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Call Barbers Point Flight School at (808) 518-4660 to schedule a visit to our school and to enroll in one of our flight training courses. Undecided? Schedule a discovery flight and become familiar today.


Redbird FMX Simulator

Our new Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD) by Redbird Simulations is the only full-motion light aircraft trainer of its type in the State of Hawaii.

  • Focused training with your very own “rewind” button allowing you to train to proficiency, not time

  • Studies have proven that one hour in a flight simulator is equal to two or more hours in an actual aircraft

  • Simulate and apply in flight

  • Log flight time and save money

  • No delays, navigate to and from any airport in the U.S.

Discounts offered for block time purchases and military personnel.

Modern “Make Pretend”

The Redbird FMX is a superior-quality, full motion, feature-rich Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD). Standard features include:

  • Wrap-around visuals

  • Fully enclosed cockpit

  • Quick-change configurations

  • Scenario-based training compatibility

  • An electric motion platform

  • Movement around three axes

  • Reconfiguration to represent different aircraft

  • Single or multi-engine piston aircraft training

  • Can represent glass panel aircraft (G1000) and traditional 6-pack (raw data) configurations

These features allow the FMX to serve up a level of realism that is simply unavailable in other training devices.