Our Mission

Safety First; Customers Always.


  1. To ensure students achieve all of their goals and conquer the challenging milestones they will face while gaining FAA certification.

  2. To graduate students with sound decision-making skills, equipped to prioritize tasks and demonstrate competent flight management abilities

  3. To train students to accept the challenges and responsibilities of acting as “pilot-in-command” while maintaining the highest level of safety

  4. To take ownership of each candidates goals and provide professional flight instruction in order to graduate SAFE, competent, decisive, and accountable students that meet all FAA regulatory requirements and are postured as future airline captains.

Whatever your career goals or objectives, Barbers Point Flight School will tailor a program that is custom fit for YOU! Schedule a discovery flight with one of our experienced instructors to see if you have the “right stuff!”

Why Us?



Our less congested airspace offers private pilot candidates a less apprehensive environment to train in. It’s the perfect place to challenge your abilities against Kalaeloa’s crosswinds and earn your wings. You will be rewarded with an increased level of competency to prepare you for future flying.



Time spent getting airborne is reduced significantly because of less air traffic. This allows for a more cost-effective environment to train; you spend more of your time in the air than on the ground waiting to depart.



BPFS offers flight training in the rigid and proven Cessna platforms, and we take meticulous care of our aircraft. We were the first flight school in Hawaii to use a full-sized, full-motion flight simulator to enhance your education in a fun way. To inspire great pilots, we expose our students to the most innovative aviation technologies.


Experience & Knowledge

Learn from the best of the best! Our managers and instructors have priceless years of competent expertise. We hold many different Type Ratings and have flown big iron for ALPA (Airline Pilots Association) carriers throughout the world.


Spirit of Aloha

We offer a 24-hour a day open-door policy, which means you’re always welcome! Not only do we care about you, but we also care for your friends and family. ʻOhana is important, so we make sure they’re taken care of too.


Competitive Prices

As former students, we realize the financial investment for a career path like this. That’s why our rates are the most cost-effective for your journey to becoming a pilot. You’ll get your “bang for your buck” here at BPFS!

There has never been a better time to make professional flying a career. The industry needs qualified pilots now.!