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We are proud of all of our friends on the Solar Impulse team and our association with their historic project.

SI Thank you BPAS


Letter text

Dear Regi:

Having landed in Abu Dhabi on July 26th 2016, Solar Impulse has completed its Round-the-World journey, making it the first airplane to fly day and night without any fossil fuels. It is with great pleasure and emotion that we look back on this historical milestone.

With these few lines, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all your support. In many ways, our success was made possible by the commitment and dedication of Barbers Point Aviation Services that helped putting into place solutions which accommodated our particular needs.

Facilitating the flights and the hosting of the Solar Impulse aircraft has been everything but a self-evident task. We appreciate that our ask was considerable – even more so considering the many uncertainties and the flexibility required due to the special nature of our project.

In light of the work required for securing flight authorizations and airport relations, I cannot emphasize enough my gratefulness for your valuable support which ensured the smooth running of all our operations.

We are proud to have been able to collaborate with you in the Round-the-World journey. Thank you for being part of history with us by making the impossible possible!

With sincerest and very best regards.


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