Aircraft Rental Rates

BPFS aircraft will be available for rental at the published hourly rate to all qualified pilots affiliated with BPFS who demonstrate flight competency. Time building and leisure island hopping are welcome. No monthly membership fees ever.

Aircraft Hourly Rates

1973 Cessna 150

    • $125.00/$175.00 per hour (non-block rate without/with instructor)
    • $120.00/ $170.00 per hour (**block rate without/with instructor – 10-hour minimum)
    • $115.00/$160.00 per hour (military block rate without/with instructor – 15-hour minimum)

1999 Cessna 172R

  • $157.00/$207.00 per hour (non-block rate without/with instructor)
  • $152.00/$202.00 per hour (**block rate without/with instructor – 10-hour minimum)
  • $147.00/$197.00 per hour (military block rate without/with instructor – 15-hour minimum

2017 Cessna 172S JT-A w/Next Generation G1000 Avionics plus Comfort Package (Auto-Pilot, Air Conditioning, Leather)

  • $177.00/$227.00 per hour (non-block rate without/with instructor)
  • $172.00/$222.00 per hour (**block rate without/with instructor – 10-hour minimum)
  • $167.00/$217.00 per hour (military block rate without/with instructor – 15-hour minimum) 

560A Twin Aero Commander

  • $525.00 Discovery Flight (includes one (1) hour of ground instruction, one (1) hour “power-on” static flight and one (1) hour of flight time over Oahu
  • Fly a 240-mph piece of history. The 560A was the first Air Force One used by President Eisenhower. Also, it was a version of the Shrike Commander that was flown by the best “stick and rudder pilot” to ever live, Mr. R.A. “Bob” Hoover. Our aircraft is nearly an exact replica of the paint scheme flown by Bob and is now on display at the Smithsonian. Our Aero Commander was painted as a tribute to Bob Hoover in 2016.
  • Your instructor will prepare you to discover what it will be like to fly fast as you are introduced to the characteristics of a more complex, high-performance piston engine aircraft
  • Not available for individual rental or hourly dual rental, however, a 10-hr block rate of $4995 is available when accompanied with a flight instructor.

2017 Robinson 44 Clipper II w/ Aspen PFD HSI and Garmin 750. Also includes Comfort Package (Air Conditioning, Bose Headsets, Leather)

  • WE ARE SORRY but our new R44 Clipper II is temporarily unavailable for Instruction, Rental or Air Tours. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please check back in April, 2018.
  • $535.00 per hour dual instruction (no rentals available without an instructor)


Full-Motion Redbird FMX Flight Simulator (Advanced Aircraft Training Device)

  • $85.00 per hour
  • $80.00 per hour
  • $75.00 per hour (military block rate — 5-hour minimum)

Flight and ground instruction not included in aircraft rental rate unless complete course packages are purchased. Please give the school a call (808) 518-4660 for course pricing and ****obligation requirements.

H10-13S / H20-10 David Clark headsets are available for rental for $5.00 per flight, or for purchase in the pilot store

* All renters will be required to sign a comprehensive liability waiver prior to aircraft rental and maintain a 30-day recency-of-experience with Barbers Point Flight School

** Reduced rates available if purchased in 10-hour increments called a “Block Time” rate (15 hours for MIL)

*** Flight time spent in an approved AATD flight simulator may be counted toward a students “total flight time” and can reduce overall training costs. Furthermore, AATD’s offer the following benefits to a student:

  • Repetitive reinforcement of a flight maneuver or situation
  • Practice until maneuvers are second nature or normal
  • No limit training experience
  • Environmental distractions are minimized
  • No scenario is too dangerous to practice
  • No weather restrictions or delays

**** Purchase of course packages require a personal commitment toward achieving your goals as well as your financial investment. Students are required to complete their tailored course package within 180 days or restrictions will apply and additional costs may be incurred. Private Pilot candidates can achieve their goals in as little as 30-days or never finish at all. Dive in, immerse yourself and finish!

CANCELLATION POLICY: Pilots must cancel with their flight instructor at least 24 hours prior to any scheduled lesson or a 30-minute flight/ground instruction fee will be assessed. Further, a mandatory courtesy call to instructor must be made if student pilots are going to be more than thirty minutes late for a lesson or a thirty 30-minute ground instruction fee will be billed after the first 60-minutes if a flight instructor is kept waiting.

BPFS is not unreasonable. If you have gone to heaven or were critically injured in an accident and are lying in a hospital bed, your cancellation will be accepted at no charge to you. Otherwise, please be accountable for the reservations you make and plan accordingly. Aircraft are difficult to reschedule inside of 24 hours. Mahalo for your understanding.

REFUND POLICY: There will be absolutely NO REFUNDS on package and block time purchases. Students are responsible to fly off ALL flight time and maintain a 30-day flight currency with the Barbers Point Flight School (renters). We are not a bank and do not gain interest on your money. Once payment is received, funds go into the maintenance and parts abyss and into keeping the aircraft in top shape. Returning your hard earned money is NOT an option. Our instructors make a physical commitment to your training as much as you make a financial one. Flying is serious. A person’s time is valuable. Poor judgement and planning is not tolerated. Mahalo for your understanding.