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Barbers Point Flight School (BPFS) is a professional, full-service flight school offering flight training to pilot candidates seeking career paths as pilots in the aviation industry. Training emphasis is placed on individual vocational guidance, regulatory requirements and safety. We administer quality training and provide professional experience to pilots seeking FAA certification and licensing.

It is our objective to ensure students achieve all of their goals and conquer the challenging milestones they will face while gaining FAA certification. We are committed to graduating students with sound decision-making skills, equipped to prioritize tasks and demonstrate competent flight management abilities. BPFS trains pilots and pilot candidates to accept the challenges and responsibilities of acting as “pilot-in-command” while maintaining the highest level of safety. Whatever your career goals or objectives, BPFS will tailor a program that is right for YOU!

The Barbers Point Flight School management and instructors have priceless years of competent expertise. Some of us hold many different Type Ratings and have flown big iron for ALPA* carriers throughout the world.

Give us a call at (808) 518-4660 and schedule a familiarization flight with one of our competent instructors. See if you have the “right stuff!”

*Founded in 1931, ALPA, the Airline Pilots Association, is the largest airline pilot union in the world representing nearly 53,000 pilots at 38 different airlines from the United States and Canada.



Why Us?

BPFS is conveniently located just outside of Honolulu International (HNL) airspace at the John Rodgers Field (JRF) in Kalaeloa, previously the Barbers Point Naval Air Station. The airspace is less congested than at Honolulu and offers private pilot candidates a less apprehensive environment to train in. Time spent getting airborne is also reduced significantly because of less air traffic. This provides a more cost-effective environment to train; you spend more of your time in the air than on the ground waiting to depart. Furthermore, the amount of time it takes to enter designated training airspace is also much lower.

John Rodgers Field (Kalaeloa Airport) will provide you with very challenging crosswinds while earning your wings. Rest assured that while learning to fly here will challenge your abilities during your initial training, it will also reward you with an increased level of competency that will prepare you for future flying. BPFS offers flight training in the rigid and proven Cessna platforms and we take meticulous care of our aircraft. Our rates are very competitive and we offer a 24-hour a day open door policy and provide a hospitable environment for friends and family. Call us today and we will be happy to give you a tour of our school and facilities.*


* Unlike Honolulu, access to our flight school requires you to pass through a security checkpoint as you will be crossing live taxiways to reach the classroom office. Our initial meeting, therefore, must be a meet-and-greet. Please make sure to call ahead to make an appointment.




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